Building a bridge between revenue management and marketing in hotels

Hotel distribution is more complex today than ever and there are so many companies between the hotel product and the guest.

Along the way, two key functions – revenue management and marketing – have evolved into very specific and sometimes dissonant entities that don’t always connect. But they should.

When that disconnect happens, you’re less efficient and you can’t take advantage of real-time opportunities. The result? Your property is not realizing its optimal potential in terms of both occupancy and rate.

By working together better, revenue management and marketing could be more effective in helping their hotel maximize revenue and profit.

  • Three Ways Revenue Management and Marketing Aren’t Aligned
  • Three Secrets to Bringing Revenue Management and Marketing Together
  • What’s Next: Game-Changing Demand Forecasting

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This is an analysis by Rich Maradik, founder of nSight For Travel.
The above is an extract of the original article available at: Tnooz

About RezNext

RezNext is the world’s only true Real-Time Distribution Management Solution provider. It empowers hotels to adopt a distribution strategy that simplifies the complex global distribution environment and makes it understandable and manageable. It is integrated with revenue management, operating intelligence and powered with reputation management insights. RezNext’s portfolio of offerings include Rate & Channel Manager, Revenue Management, Online Reputation Management, Website Designing and Web Booking Engine, Mobile solutions, Central Reservation System, Business Intelligence, Property Management System (PMS) two-way connect, GDS and OTA Interface and Loyalty & Feedback Management. Our growing range of solutions can be access by hospitality properties across market segment and size, such as independent hotels, chain hotels, business hotels, resorts, clubs, service and limited service apartments, spas, restaurants and others.
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